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Just some of the things Eyjafjallajökull has screwed up 23 April 2010

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(In addition to grounding European aviation for days on end and exhausting headline-writers’ supplies of volcano puns.)

The UK General Electionbetting on 2010 temperaturesSouthern California music festivalUK schoolgirls’ geography field tripthe Norwegian Government (iPad to the rescue) … touring wrestlers … Boston Marathon runnersthe London Book Fairhealth of petsfootball, ice hockey and runningPremier League refereesthe gilded progresses of celebs and pop starsJohn Cleese’s trip homefootball, cycling and runningPolish state funeraltransport of wounded soldiersDubai luxury hotel openingMorocco golf tournamentsexams, exotic foods and surgery … yet more celebs (Hollywood ‘paralized’, no less)Japan MotoGPthe international oil marketand even more celebsEuropean stocks and sharesKenyan flower growersKenyan vegetable growersmovie premieresBMW production in South Carolinaand still more celebs (superstar forced to take Irish Sea ferry)youth boxingequestrianismfootball (also boxing, running, tennis, motorcyle racing)organ transplants … Ghana farming, war crimes trials, rose growing, car making, flowers for New York weddings … travel plans of dogs, horses, snakes, geckos, turtlesclassical concerts in San Diego … classical concerts in Salt Lake Cityclassical concerts in New YorkTribeca Film FestivalMetallica tour (kings of heavy metal fight back, take bus) … supplies of sea urchins, monkfish livers and scallops to British restaurantsart shipmentsweddingsweddingscomputer gaming eventsairline emissions regulationIndian TV host’s IPL contract (seems rather unfair) … Italian guitar playerssupply chain resilience, whatever that  iscollege admissionsscareware cyberscams

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1. Guillermo - 24 April 2010

Alert Level at Llaima raised due to increasing seismicity


2. C. Gage - 24 April 2010

I have noticed that other volcanic events, which are occuring, which impact many people also are not being covered. Gaua and Barren Island which can produce a really large eruptions haven’t even been mentioned.

3. Pratish - 24 April 2010

LOL.. great post and an amazing variety of links in case anyone thought only British holiday makers are upset!

Hopefully it will quite literally blow over soon! As an aside I think you may enjoy this funny on the topic I spotted on a South Africa news blog last week – The Lighter Side of Iceland volcano eruptions.

4. EDantes - 26 April 2010

There seems to be a LOT of seismic activity this morning around a completely different volcano/glacier combo in Iceland. I’ve not been following this long, tho. Thoughts from anyone with more years obsession with this?


5. admin - 26 April 2010

Thanks for the alert, EDantes. There’s a news report here:


Looking at the traces at the Iceland Met Office, it seems that the activity has calmed down again. Obviously worth watching, anyway.

6. Chic - 27 April 2010

Thanks for a delightful and interesting idea.

Here’s another one…How to pronounce Eyjafjallajokull –


Try saying that ten times fast, or even three times. ;-)

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