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Volcanotweet: volcano updates on Twitter 21 April 2010

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A new Twitter feed has been set up that will be of value to everyone interested in following volcanic news and events: volcanotweet.

Follow http://twitter.com/volcanotweet for regular updates on what’s erupting and what’s going on in the volcano world. And anyone with recent news of volcanic activity can contact volcanotweet via the e-mail address on their Twitter homepage (at the link above) and the information will be posted.

Volcanotweet is such a useful service that I’ve added their RSS feed to this blog: it can be found at the bottom of the sidebar on the right.

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1. Ron Schott - 21 April 2010

Any idea who’s running it, Ralph?

2. admin - 21 April 2010

It seems to be run from the University of Oxford Department of Earth Sciences. The message I received about it (via the VOLCANO list) came from David Ferguson who is a doctoral student in that department.

3. ajaxharington - 21 April 2010

There are rumours emerging that Iceland deliberately engineered the volcanic eruption…


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