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Brief blowing of own trumpet 21 April 2010

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The Eyjafjallajökull eruption has brought lots of visitors and quite a bit of attention to the Volcanism Blog: welcome, and thank you, to all who have visited and who have linked to our content. Thursday 15 April 2010 brought our highest-ever number of visitors: 20,605. That’s more than three times more than came to the blog at the time of the Mount Redoubt eruption a year ago, our previous one-day record. We are currently averaging something over 5,000 visitors per day.

The Volcanism Blog has been linked from some interesting places, including two articles at the Christian Science Monitor, while yesterday we were featured in the ‘Freshly Pressed’ showcase on the WordPress homepage. And also yesterday (proving that all the real volcanologists were busy) I was interviewed on Bloomberg Radio’s ‘Surveillance’ program: the podcast is available here, but I think you need to subscribe, as in pay up, to hear the whole thing. Finally, I’ll be talking volcanoes on a forthcoming edition of the brilliant Shift-Run-Stop podcast – more news on that shortly.

UPDATE. It’s really great to see our Saturday Volcano Art feature getting a mention on Jonathan Jones’s art blog at The Guardian: Explosive art: my top five volcano paintings. The work of art in question is Frederic Edwin Church’s 1862 painting of Cotopaxi (although as it happens the other four artworks mentioned have been featured here as well).

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1. David Wilson - 21 April 2010

I plan to stay around. I’ve always found volcanoes fascinating, Maybe one day I’ll get to see one up close.

2. Ole - 21 April 2010

Congratulations, you certainly deserve all the attention.

3. Kristen - 21 April 2010

Well, thanks for all the good information! Add GSA Connection to your list (just went out today): http://www.geosociety.org/GSA_Connection/index.htm

4. enemyofchaos - 22 April 2010

Well done, excellent news!

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