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Blog housekeeping: images and e-mails 18 April 2010

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The image hosting problem should be sorted out over the next couple of days: thanks to everyone who has made suggestions and especially to those who have very generously offered hosting space. I shouldn’t need to take up those offers now, but I am very grateful.

I’ve been having problems with the volcanismblog@btinternet.com e-mail address over the past week or so – messages that should have arrived days ago are only gradually trickling in, while others seem to have disappeared into thin air. Please accept my apologies if you have e-mailed me at this address recently and have yet to receive a reply. Everything seems to have been OK until 11 April 2010: as far as I can see it is only messages sent on or after 11 April that have been held up (and not all of them). I will try to respond to delayed messages as they come in, but if you have written to that address and have heard nothing back please do feel free to re-send your messages.

Finally, thank you to the generous souls who have made donations via PayPal over the last few days. It’s very much appreciated!

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1. GG - 19 April 2010
2. admin - 19 April 2010

I don’t know about “nice”. It’s pretty dumb to hang a whole article on the misuse of the word “smoke” in a newspaper caption, a trivial error that constantly occurs in media coverage of volcanic eruptions. It’s even dumber to spend ages arguing (rather poorly) for the significance of water in explosive volcanism, something no-one disputes. I know WUWT is a place where straw men love to gather, but this is feeble even by its usual standards. Plus I find it very hard to take seriously someone who doesn’t know the difference between “its” and “it’s” and cites Wikipedia as if it is a reputable source of information.

(The picture of the ex-LNER B1 on “The Jacobite”, however, *is* nice.)

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