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Image problem 15 April 2010

Posted by admin in admin, miscellaneous.

Events in Iceland are currently bringing loads of new visitors here, which is great but which puts pressure on the Photobucket free image hosting service we use at this blog. When Photobucket feels under pressure images temporarily disappear. If you’ve noticed missing pictures on some of the posts, that’s the reason.

Sorry about that. There is a solution: if you like this blog and want to see it thrive put your hands in your pockets and cough up some cash, so that we can leave the constraints of free image hosting services behind.

The Volcanism Blog


1. Amir - 15 April 2010


I’m one of the newcomers who are here based on the recent activity with Eyjafjallajökull. I saw this post and figured I’ll inform you about my current host, dreamhost(.com). They’re quite cheap, and have unlimited bandwith – which could help you with your traffic issues.


Thank you for maintaining such a great blog mind you :)

2. Eva Hedström, Sweden - 15 April 2010

This is the best blog/volcano site I have found so far, and I will surely look in from time to time. I look forward of knowning whats happening on Iceland, and are most intrigued by the history of volcanos and impact in peoples lives as you present on Katla. Great work. I would be happy to contribute with a little, where could I do that? Paypal?

3. admin - 15 April 2010

Thanks for the kind comments, Amir and Eva!

Eva: the ‘cough up some cash’ link in the post above *should* take you to the PayPal page for Volcanism Blog donations. If it doesn’t work, there is a PayPal button lower down the page on the right for donations, under the heading ‘Support The Volcanism Blog’.

4. Foq - 17 April 2010

If need be I can host images for you…

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