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Easter Break for The Volcanism Blog 2 April 2010

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Isla de Pascua in the morning (copyright Steffen Dubouis, Creative Commons licensed)

The Volcanism Blog will be away for Easter until (probably) 8 April; in the meantime you can as ever keep up with volcanic developments at Dr Erik Klemetti’s Eruptions blog.

The picture is of Volcán Poike, a shield volcano on Isla de Pascua – Easter Island. This picture is copyright Steffen Dubouis and comes from Flickr. It is reproduced here under the terms of the applicable Creative Commons licence.

Happy Easter and Happy Holidays to all our readers.

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1. Jane Smyth - 4 April 2010

Awesome video of a superjeep tour up to see the glacier.

2. Guillermo - 8 April 2010

Here is the official report about Melimoyu:

Click to access INFORME-TECNICO-01-MELIMOYU.pdf

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