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Eyjafjallajökull update, 24 March 2010 24 March 2010

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The latest observations from Iceland on the Eyjafjallajökull fissure eruption have been limited by poor weather and low visibility, but overall the activity, located at Fimmvörduháls between Eyjafjallajökull and Myrdalsjökull, does not appear to be changing significantly in character. Evacuated residents of nearby farms have been given the all-clear to return home, and the authorities are apparently doing what they can to open the area up for tourists who wish to view the eruption from a safe distance, although anyone entering the closed danger areas of Thórsmörk, Fimmvörduháls and Eyjafjallajökull ‘does so at their own risk’.

Magnus Tumi Gudmundsson of the Institute of Earth Science at the University of Iceland reported yesterday that the eruptive activity remained ‘more or less the same’, while Vídir Reynisson of the Icelandic civil protection authority is quoted as saying that ‘the eruption is not losing force’. However, this story from Icelandic state broadcaster RÚV appears to say – if Google’s online translator has it right – that the eruption is slowly but steadily increasing (?). It also indicates that there have been further phreatic explosions overnight. Images at RÚV and other news sites show very free-flowing lava fountains, and a bank of black scoria accumulating behind the fissure. It seems that scientists are planning a field trip to the eruption site today: it will be interesting to know more about the chemical composition of the lavas currently being erupted. Identifying the source for the current activity may help establish whether or not Katla’s magmatic system is involved in any way.

A collection of maps and photographs of the eruption has been published as a PDF by the Institute of Earth Sciences at the University of Iceland: click here for a direct link to the PDF. There is also a nice gallery of images from the eruption at Vísir.is, and a new video can be found here (direct link to wmv file, H/T Gijs de Reijke at Eruptions).

UPDATE. Excellent, thorough update at Eruptions will tell you everything that’s worth knowing about what’s happening (and likely to happen) at Eyjafjallajökull: Iceland eruption update for 3/24/2010.

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Global Volcanism Program: Eyjafjöll – summary information for Eyjafjallajökull, which the GVP calls Eyjafjöll (1702-02=)
Eyjafjallajökull eruption March 2010 – summary of events from the University of Iceland’s Nordic Volcanological Center

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1. Jón Frímann - 24 March 2010

The eruption is slowly increasing. But over the past few hours the eruption is stable, not increasing and not getting any less. That however might change with little warning.

There are also clues that two new fissures might open up with little warning. The clue is earthquakes.

2. admin - 24 March 2010

Thank you Jón. Your own blog is a highly recommended resource, sorry not to have linked to it before:

http://www.jonfr.com/?p=3681 (update for today)

3. Jón Frímann - 26 March 2010

Here is a live web camera of the volcano eruption in Eyjafjallajökull.


4. Pascvaks - 26 March 2010

Admin- Went looking for Iceland at your Volcano Observatories page and surprised to find no links listed. Are there ‘no’ observatories for the Land of Fire and Ice?

5. admin - 26 March 2010

4: That’s a fair point. There seem to be no Icelandic ‘volcano observatories’ in the sense of institutions dedicated to the monitoring of particular volcanoes (no ‘Hekla observatory’, for example). But of course there is a great deal of sophisticated seismic and other monitoring going on in Iceland, and I think the list needs to include some links to the appropriate resources. Thanks for pointing this out, and I’ll update the page when I get the chance.

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