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Eyjafjallajökull update, 22 March 2010 22 March 2010

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The Eyjafjallajökull (or Eyjafjöll) eruption in south Iceland is ongoing with lava erupting from a fissure about 2 km in length located between Eyjafjallajökull and Myrdalsjökull. A big bang of some kind at around 07:15 local time this morning sent an ash plume to around 4 km altitude, according to press reports; London VAAC issued an ash advisory reporting ash at FL164 (16,400 feet / 5000 metres altitude), but also stated that this was ‘for a limited duration only’. Activity returned to a low level shortly afterwards, suggesting that this was (to quote Boris Behncke) ‘a short-lived phreatic or phreatomagmatic event’ and not a sign of some major upswing in the eruption.

Apart from that brief explosive episode this eruption has been of a Hawaiian-type, low-intensity, effusive character. Civil protection authorities and volcanologists in Iceland are watching carefully, however, for any signs (1) that the activity is moving beneath the Eyjafjallajökull ice cap and threatening meltwater flooding, and (2) that neighbouring volcano Katla is showing any signs of restlessness. So far all seems quiet on both fronts.

According to Icelandic journalist Ómar Ragnarsson, veteran of 21 volcanic eruptions, what we are seeing from Eyjafjallajökull at the moment is a ‘small and shy fire column dance’. Iceland remains a land of poetry.

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1. Boris Behncke - 22 March 2010

I think I understand what happened this morning, when a larger explosive event was recorded – just read comment #9 in the previous post

2. Christian - 22 March 2010

I was trying to find some better images of the eruption this morning, hard to find any though. Anyone know a good ‘photo-page’ where images of the eruption (s) can be found?

Anyway, sharing these two showing the eruption this morning and a beautiful umbrella-cloud.

3. Boris Behncke - 22 March 2010

@Christian: some nice photo pages to start with

Winter wonderland

and try the search function on photo sites like Flickr (use the option “recent” to see the latest additions first)

4. Boris Behncke - 22 March 2010
5. Christian - 22 March 2010

Thanks a lot Boris! Much appreciated. :)

6. Manu88 - 23 March 2010

Beatiful shots!

7. Icelandic Mountain Guides - Steinar - 23 March 2010

The weather has been very difficult to get good pictures of the eruption. A group of guides from us, Icelandic Mountain Guides, tried to reach the eruption but had to turn back only two kilometers away in wind over 50m/s.

I wrote an article on our website about the eruption and its impact on us. We also received some excelent pictures from a friend of ours up close. Some of those pictures are in the article and the rest in the tours the article links to


Here’s the eruption tours we are running:



Best regards,
Icelandic Mountain Guides
Iceland Rovers

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