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Brief note on Eyjafjallajökull 7 March 2010

Posted by admin in Eyjafjöll, Iceland.
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Apologies: I had intended to post more about the ongoing activity at Eyjafjallajökull this weekend, but there hasn’t been time.

I hope to catch up with things in Iceland (and elsewhere) tomorrow, but in the meantime I recommend the comment thread at this post over at Eruptions – at the moment that’s where you can best find out what is happening at Eyjafjallajökull.* And of course the Iceland Meteorological Office page for earthquakes in the Mýrdalsjökull area is a mine of information. Overall and in brief the picture is that the earthquakes have become somewhat less frequent over the last 24 hours or so, but that ground inflation has continued, so magma is clearly still being injected into the volcano. The Icelandic authorities are taking the possibility of an eruption seriously and have been discussing civil defence preparations.

More here tomorrow, other commitments permitting.

* To be read with discrimination, obviously. It is a blog comment thread, and at ScienceBlogs, what’s more.

Global Volcanism Program: Eyjafjöll – summary information for Eyjafjallajökull, which the GVP calls Eyjafjöll (1702-02=)

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1. Passerby - 8 March 2010

Volcan Chaiten is back to medium heavy plume emissions today, after a day off yesterday. The pause occurred late Friday, after something interesting happened, as reported here by Paul when watching the webcam on Friday afternoon. The plume rapidly changed color and volume.

The crowd at the Eruptions blog are ‘waiting for Eyjafjallajökull Godot’ .

Looking over the seismic station data, Eyjafjallajökull appears to have taken a day off, too!

2. Michael - 8 March 2010

The other thing noticable, is that the earthquakes are moving up slightly. When it started, most of them where around 8-10km depth, now they are higher.

3. Beano - 8 March 2010

If I was a Chaitenero I would be watching the mountain carefully.
Dr. Erik or Passerby have you seen any recent traces from Chaiten?

4. Beano - 8 March 2010

Sorry Dr.Ralph, I should have referenced yourself and not Dr.Erik Klementi. – apologies.

5. Passerby - 8 March 2010

No, haven’t looked at seismic activity. The Chile government Volcan Chaiten webcam 1 image stream has finally been purged and reset this morning, after it was froze on a lovely night-time incandescence photo in the early hours of March 4. Should be able to view evening activity now, thankfully.

Ironically, the second webcam (distance image, from nearby town) from which I had been monitoring daytime activity is temporarily unaccessible (website down).

Curiously, the track of EQ activity I had been following (and periodically commenting on) across the Alpide Belt with an nearly equidistant pattern of cells, has continued forming. From that array pattern, I suggested that Iran and Turkey were likely sites for new EQ activity. A paper that described seismic stress due to ‘sausage-like’ slices of land caught between plates within the subduction zone answered my search for unusual axial stress along portions of this long active zone (although I suspect that there may be large Continental mass horizontal stresses present due to unusual seasonal precipitation, but that is purely conjecture).

6. Chance Metz - 8 March 2010

And then they had a deadly quake in Turkey so you nailed that one.

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