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Away for the weekend 26 February 2010

Posted by admin in admin, miscellaneous.

I’m away for the weekend from today, so (unless something really dramatic happens) there will be no new posts here until Monday 1 March.

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1. Laura - 1 March 2010

I read in one of the thousand internet articles that volcanic activity becomes greater after a large earthquake. Can you expand on or refute this?

2. admin - 1 March 2010

I understand your concern about this. A recent study in Earth & Planetary Science Letters found some evidence for for an upswing in volcanic activity after large earthquakes, talking of volcanoes being ‘primed’ for eruptions that are triggered by the quake, but the phenomenon was not very marked and the research seemed to me to raise more questions than it answered. My own view is that it’s very unlikely this earthquake will have any effect on Chilean volcanoes: there is no direct connection between tectonic earthquakes such as this and the essentially local systems of volcanoes, except in the wider sense that they are both products of the same underlying geological processes.

3. admin - 1 March 2010

I had an idea that Erik Klemetti had said something about this at Eruptions, and sure enough:


(He is also cautious about there being any earthquake/volcano connection.)

4. Laura - 1 March 2010

Thanks for those replies…interesting. I always wonder if media is trying to make things more “exciting” for us-as if the earthquake itself wasn’t enough. Now that I’m over being terrified, I’m finding it all very fascinating.

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