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Seamounts galore in Oceanography special issue 24 February 2010

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Oceanography special issue: Mountains in the Sea (23:1 Mar 2010)

The latest issue (vol. 23, no. 1, March 2010) of the official magazine of The Oceanography Society, Oceanography, is devoted to the study of undersea mountains or seamounts. This special issue is entitled, not surprisingly, ‘Mountains in the Sea’ and features fascinating content by some very distinguished contributors, and, best news of all, the online version is free!

Seamount volcanism is an important theme in many of the articles, as might be expected. The following focus particularly on volcanic matters (links are direct to the PDFs):

There are also spotlight articles on particular seamounts, including the volcanically active Loihi, Vailulu’u and Northwest Rota-1 seamounts (links are direct to the PDFs).

The table of contents for this special issue of Oceanography gives direct links to all the content, and USGS director Marcia McNutt provides a foreword (PDF). Also: Oceanography home page, The Oceanography Society home page, and a press release at ScienceDaily.

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1. Boris Behncke - 24 February 2010

Well, that’s a wonderful discovery you’re sharing here. Thanks for the info, and the articles look beautifully designed. That will be a marvellous read from the printouts during my next long voyage in some public transport means in Sicily (slow, slow, slow) …

2. admin - 24 February 2010

Thanks Boris – it is a great find, and I in turn am grateful to the person who e-mailed me about it! I’ll be reading my way through the PDFs for a while myself.

3. Passerby - 25 February 2010

Lovely reading to tuck away for the future. Thanks for the exceptionally thoughtful posted links to the Oceanography journal special issue.

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