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Those Chaitén webcams: a reminder 16 February 2010

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We’re overdue for a Chaitén update here at The Volcanism Blog. I hope to be able to publish a Chaitén post tomorrow or on Thursday (a busy couple of days lie ahead for me, hence the vagueness of this schedule).

In the meantime, here’s a reminder of where to find webcam images of Chaitén. There are now two cameras, our old friend the DGAC (Chilean Civil Aviation Directorate) camera at Chaitén airfield, and the new OVDAS (Observatorio Volcanológico de los Andes del Sur) camera overlooking the caldera. The latter was installed very recently and lots of people seem to be unaware of it (although a post about it was published here earlier this month, thanks to tip-offs from our friends Guillermo and Boris Behncke). The new camera gives a very good close-up view of the Chaitén caldera.

Links to the Chaitén webcams:
DGAC camera at Chaitén airfield
OVDAS camera at Chaitén caldera

OVDAS now has several webcams offering views of notable Chilean volcanoes. They can be accessed via the front page of the shocking OVDAS website, or, conveniently, from this earlier Volcanism Blog post.

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1. Beano - 17 February 2010

I wish the weather was a little better down in Chile. That dome webcam is really interesting when the weather is good, interesting night views also.

2. Brian - 17 February 2010

Dr. Klemetti over at the Eruptions blog has an update about Chaiten. Seems seismicity has been increasing over the last 3 weeks, and they are concerned about the tourists that have been visiting it, since it had seemed to be in a stable condition.


3. Guillermo - 18 February 2010

About the Brian post. Now in Chaitén there is a new controversy between the people living in town and authorities. They are saying that SERNAGEOMIN is lying about the Red Alert, saying that from about 1 month ago there have not been quakes and gas emissions.
Here is a link to the news (in spanish):


4. admin - 18 February 2010

Thanks, everyone, for the information. New Chaiten post:


(Later on I’ll be catching up with the SERNAGEOMIN bulletins that are available so far.)

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