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Callan Bentley now blogs at Mountain Beltway 15 February 2010

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A change in the geoblogging landscape! Callan Bentley of Northern Virginia Community College, who has been providing excellent geological blogging at NOVA Geoblog since 2007, has moved and can now be found at his new home, Mountain Beltway. (And for D.C. locals interested in geological events and happenings in the U.S. capital and surrounding region he now has another blog, DC Geology Events.)

Callan Bentley now blogs at Mountain Beltway

Back in January 2008 I called NOVA Geoblog ‘one of the best geoscience blogs around’, and it’s long been one of my favourite parts of the geoblogosphere. I’m sure Mountain Beltway will continue the tradition, and I wish Callan well at his new virtual address.

The Volcanism Blog



1. bruce stout - 15 February 2010

I can only concur wholeheartedly with this. I discovered his blog (possibly through your link here, I can’t remember) when I was hunting for “stoping” where he shows some brilliant examples in Patagonia in this blog entry (scroll to the bottom of the page, they are really worth it for anyone interested in magma chambers and fault propagation:


2. Callan Bentley - 15 February 2010

Awww, shucks. You guys are making me blush!

3. bruce stout - 15 February 2010

ha! an I thought the innernets was anonymous..

cheers callan!

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