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Severe weather delays SI/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report 10 February 2010

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Sally Sennert of the Global Volcanism Program e-mailed this blog and Eruptions today to say that the web publication of the SI/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report for 3-9 February 2010 has been delayed by the severe weather currently affecting the eastern United States. The report has been compiled but the Smithsonian Institution servers are snowed up and Sally can’t connect to upload it to the Global Volcanism Program website. Sally forwarded the report, and I’ll be making my usual posting (with map) later this evening, but Erik has posted the complete text of the report at Eruptions so you can read it there straight away.

Sally particularly recommends taking a look at the video which is linked from this week’s report on Sakura-jima, which shows activity from 8 February including lava fountaining, copious incandescent material on the flanks, and an ash plume with abundant lightning. Spectacular!

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1. Welsh Chris - 10 February 2010

Did that Sakura-jima eruption seem more … electrical … than most? Anybody else get that impression?

2. bruce stout - 11 February 2010

stunning video!!! Thanks Sally.

3. admin - 11 February 2010

I thought so too, Chris. A very sparky eruption. The ash plume is clearly very dense, increasing the generation of static electricity; perhaps atmospheric conditions played a part as well? Volcanic lightning is fascinating stuff.

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