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Vulcanian eruption at Soufrière Hills 8 February 2010

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Soufrière Hills continues to produce a great deal of activity. The Montserrat Volcano Observatory reports that a significant vulcanian eruption occurred at Soufrière Hills volcano on Montserrat on Friday 5 February 2010. The event began at 13:49 local time and last about 7 minutes, sending pyroclastic flows down the volcano’s flanks to the west that swept across the site of the former capital of Plymouth and reached some 500 m out to sea. The resulting plume is reported to have reached an altitude of around 6,700 metres (21,000 feet). This was clearly a spectacular event, but fortunately not too disruptive as the easterly winds ensured that ashfall was limited to uninhabited areas.

UPDATE 9 February 2010. According to Dominica News Online, the pyroclastic flow reached 500 miles out to sea. Now that really would be something. The MVO is pretty clear, though: it was a mere 500 metres. [H/T: Erik Klemetti at Eruptions.]

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1. Lili - 13 February 2010

The latest activity of Soufriere Hills has had an impact in Guadeloupe.
The ashfall was not limited to Montserrat, but also to Guadeloupe, where everyone has been told to stay inside, as it keeps on falling.

2. admin - 13 February 2010

Thanks, Lili, for taking the time to post this news. Ash from Montserrat is clearly having a signficant effect on neighbouring islands: Antigua, Barbuda, Dominica and Guadeloupe are all being affected.

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