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KVERT returns to full service (until 30 April 2010) 5 February 2010

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It seems that a deal has been struck in Russia to keep the Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team (KVERT) fully functioning, at least for the next few months. The following statement was released by KVERT via the VOLCANO discussion list:

Scientists of KVERT Project return to the full KVERT operations (the information ensuring of air services for the results of daily analysis and evaluation of activity of Kamchatka and Northern Kuriles volcanoes) and will discharge these obligations for 01 February – 30 April 2010.

An announcement on the KVERT updates page explains that ‘a temporary funding agreement’ has been reached ‘and the KVERT Project has returned to full operations … The temporary agreement will fund the KVERT Project until 30 April 2010’.

This is good news in the short term, but KVERT needs to be put on a permanent, stable footing if it is to do its vital job effectively.

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1. Chance Metz - 5 February 2010

Temporay funding is not good enough. If they want to play games fine .but do not do it wih things as dangerous as planes flying into ash clouds.

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