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Undersea eruption south of Japan caught on video 4 February 2010

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Fukutoku-Okanoba undersea volcano erupting, February 2010 (stills from Japanese Coastguard video)

Fukutoku-Okanoba is a submarine volcano which is part of the Volcano Islands group, which is about 1000 km south of the main Japanese archipelago. Submarine, but only just, for its summit lies a mere 14 metres beneath the surface. This week it has been erupting, the first eruption (or, if you are British news channel ITN, ‘smoke explosion’) of Fukutoku-Okanoba since 2005, and the Japanese Coastguard caught the eruption on video. Four still images from the video can be seen above, showing steam billowing out and some dark-grey ash erupting from the ocean.

[Thanks to Ton van der Aa for the tip.]

Underwater volcano erupts in smoke explosion – ITN, 4 February 2010
Mogelijke uitbarsting zeevulkaan gefilmd – NUVideo, 4 February 2010
Undersea volcano close to Iwo Jima blows topMainichi Daily News, 4 February 2010

Global Volcanism Program: Fukutoku-Okanoba – information from the GVP about Fukutoku-Okanoba (0804-13=)

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