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Yellowstone doing what Yellowstone does 3 February 2010

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Yellowstone has earthquakes. It’s what it does. It’s having a prolonged and interesting swarm at the moment: I’m not saying much about it here because it is being expertly covered at Eruptions. For the latest, see: The Yellowstone Earthquake Swarm of 2010 marches on.

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1. Guillermo - 4 February 2010

This is interesting: A webcam in the caldera of Chaitén (not live, are photos updating)


2. Boris Behncke - 4 February 2010

@Guillermo, thanks for that link! Always more windows in my internet browser to keep open with all those webcams looking at active volcanoes …
As for Yellowstone, it’s always amazing to see what reactions such events trigger in the broad public. It’s something we’ve observed recently after the 6 April 2009 earthquake in L’Aquila (Italy) and during the December 2009 seismic swarm under the northwest flank of Etna: there are always people who are totally obsessed and determinedly clinging to their belief that something very very bad is going to happen and that the scientists don’t understand a thing (whereas they themselves do, maybe we should swap jobs). Human nature is one of the most fascinating aspects in studying volcanoes and other potentially dangerous events (natural and man-made): another variation on the theme of conspiration theories.

3. admin - 4 February 2010

Thanks Guillermo – as Boris says, yet another webcam to keep an eye on! I’ll be interested to see what it shows when the sun comes up. And thanks also for your updates in the comments here on new information from SERNAGEOMIN/OVDAS (when it comes), I appreciate it.

I agree, Boris: the supervolcano obsession is perhaps a modern form of the millenial fantasies of earlier centuries – people love a catastrophe. Just yesterday I had an e-mail asking why I’m not covering this in more detail, and hinting that there is a big cover-up … sigh.

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