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Hekla building up to an eruption? 5 January 2010

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Can we expect an eruption of Icelandic volcano Hekla in the near future? According to a report at Visir.is (original here, English version at IceNews), University of Iceland geophysicist Freysteinn Sigmundsson has said that pressure in the magma chamber ‘is similar now to immediately before the last Hekla eruption’. This information, Sigmundsson says, ‘should be used as an early warning of an upcoming eruption and monitoring and general preparedness should be increased accordingly’.

There’s a longer report in the Icelandic newspaper Morgunbladid, which is in Icelandic only. The translation served up by Google hints that temperature increases have been recorded at the surface at Hekla and suggests that magma may only be 2-3 km below the summit, but I’d welcome a proper translation.

Hekla’s last eruption was in the spring of 2000. Since 1970 it has erupted roughly every ten years (although that doesn’t mean it’s going to keep to that timetable in the future).

There is a webcam for Hekla here, although it is currently down for maintenance.

Hekla gæti gosið á næstunni – Vísir.is, 3 January 2010
Gæti gosið með skömmum fyrirvaraMorgunbladid, 3 January 2010
Hekla threatens to erupt – IceNews, 4 January 2010

Global Volcanism Program: Hekla – summary information for Hekla (1702-07=)

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1. JEA - 1 February 2010

I would like to get there in time to see the show. Probably have to be there within 24h in order to see any fountaining. Flights are available but it would be nice to share rental car costs with someone. Very hard to arrange and coordinate though :-). Might be possible through the information office at the Keflavik airport. Perhaps guiding might be arranged if enough people sign up.

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