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Llaima update, 8 December 2009 8 December 2009

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In Chile the state emergencies office ONEMI has issued a new bulletin on the situation at Llaima volcano, which has been on Yellow Alert since 5 December, reporting observations made by OVDAS-SERNAGEOMIN.

Seismicity at Llaima remains unstable ‘with events associated with fluid movements and processes of degasification’, and that numerous fumaroles have been visible when the weather has permitted direct observation.

Low concentrations of sulphur dioxide measured on 5 and 6 December indicate that the main crater remains obstructed. An overflight on 4 December also confirmed the blockage of the crater; fumarolic activity from fissures, mainly of white steam with some blue sulphur dioxide emissions, was observed on the north-east flank of the volcano and the interior north and exterior east and west walls of the crater. The largest fissure, and the seat of the greatest activity, was that situated on the north-east flank of the volcano which was the location of gas and ash emissions during April and June 2009.

Based on these observations ONEMI warns that new eruptive activity cannot be ruled out. Yellow Alert applies to Llaima and the districts of Melipeuco, Vilcún, Curacautín, Cunco and Lonquimay, and the 4-kilometre radius exclusion zone around the volcano remains in force.

The bulletin also announces that from today monitoring of Llaima is to be strengthened with several new broadband seismological stations, and three SERNAGEOMIN fieldwork teams are to be despatched to the area.

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Oficina Nacional de Emergencia – Chilean government emergencies office
SERNAGEOMIN – Servicio Nacional de Geología y Minería, Chile
Proyecto Observación Visual Volcán Llaima – Llaima Visual Observation Project

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2. Ron de Haan - 9 December 2009
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here’s a good one, Yellowstone’s magma chamber eating whole mountains …

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