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Galeras update, 18 November 2009 18 November 2009

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The latest bulletin for Galeras volcano, covering the week leading up to 17 November, was published by the Colombian state geological service INGEOMINAS yesterday at 18:00 local time.

The bulletin reports fluctuations in both the frequency and the energy of the volcano’s seismic activity, with the majority of the seismicity consisting of a combination of rock fracturing and fluid movement quakes. The rock fracturing events are concentrated around the principal crater and follow a north-west to south-east alignment, and are at depths of less than 2 km and show magnitudes of less than 1.8. A number of tornillo type earthquakes were registered at the end of last week: this is significant because events of this kind have occurred during the periods preceding earlier eruptions of Galeras.

During the 14 November overflight very low levels of gas emission were recorded, along with thermal anomalies in the interior of the principal crater showing temperatures of up to 110 degrees centigrade. No sulphur dioxide emissions have been detected, indicating that the volcanic system is sealed, ‘preventing the escape of this type of gas to the atmosphere’.

The volcano’s behaviour, notes the bulletin, ‘‘is similar to that recorded in the stages preceding some of the eruptive events which have taken place during the last twenty years’.

Galeras remains at the second-highest level of Orange, ‘eruption likely within the next few days or weeks’.

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1. activolcans - 21 November 2009

Stong explosive eruption yesterday evening on Galeras. Volcanic ash plume rose to 10 km (altitude), and ash falls in villages on the north side. Alerte level on “Red”.

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