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Nevado del Huila update, 11 November 2009 11 November 2009

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Nevado del Huila volcano is still at the second-highest level of Orange, ‘eruption likely within the next few days or weeks’. The Colombian state geological service SERNAGEOMIN issued its latest bulletin at 17:00 local time on 10 November which reports that:

  • Between 4 and 10 November 1195 seismic events were recorded, ’46 related to the fracturing of rocks, 1078 to fluid dynamics within the volcanic conduits, 3 hybrid events and 68 pulses of tremor associated with the escape of gas to the surface’.
  • Three overflights have taken place, on 4, 6 and 10 November. During these flights it has been observed that the new dome ‘shows a high rate of growth and an approximate volume of extruded material of around 25 million cubic metres’. Small collapses were observed on the western part of the dome, with effects limited to the upper part of the volcanic edifice, and constant degassing was taking place around the dome.
  • The strong degassing produced columns that did not exceed 2500 metres in altitude.
  • Sulphur dioxide measurements on 10 November indicated an SO2 flow of 7943 tonnes/day, forming a column that was dispersed to the north-west of the volcano.

INGEOMINAS concludes that Nevado del Huila continues to display unstable behaviour, and that the volcano’s level of activity may increase. Continuing vigilance is the order of the day.

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