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Alert level raised to Orange at Galeras 31 October 2009

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The INGEOMINAS Observatorio Vulcanológico y Sismológico de Pasto announced in a special bulletin on 30 October that it has raised the alert level at Galeras to the second-highest level of Orange (‘eruption probable within days or weeks’). There has been a ‘decline in [seismic] events related to degasification and an increase in earthquakes that are associated with overpressurization in the volcanic system’ and ‘a notable decline in emissions of sulphur dioxide’.

The INGEOMINAS volcanologists have concluded that magmatic material within the conduit has hardened, blocking the exit of gases and increasing pressure within the system, and they expect that pressure to be released through an explosive event – a cycle typical of Galeras’s current behaviour pattern.

Galeras joins fellow Colombian volcano Nevado del Huila at Orange alert. Colombia has a lot on its plate, volcanically speaking, at the moment.

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1. Perry - 31 October 2009

O/T, but highly relevant. A team of chemists from the U.S. and France has found compelling evidence of a previously undocumented large volcanic eruption that occurred exactly 200 years ago, in 1809.


H/T to http://wattsupwiththat.com/2009/10/30/previously-unknown-volcanic-eruption-helped-trigger-cold-decade/

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