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Nevado del Huila at the NASA Earth Observatory 29 October 2009

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Ash emissions at Nevado del Huila, 28 October 2009 (NASA MODIS image)

Yesterday NASA’s Terra satellite passed over Nevado del Huila volcano in Colombia and captured this MODIS image which has just been speedily published by the NASA Earth Observatory. Grey ash emissions can be seen rising from the volcano’s summit and dispersing to the north-west. The image is accompanied by an informative caption by Robert Simmon giving the background on Huila’s recent activity (and referencing this blog, which is much appreciated).

Ash emissions at Nevado del Huila – NASA Earth Observatory (29 October 2009)

[NASA image by Jeff Schmaltz, MODIS Rapid Response, Goddard Space Flight Center.]

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1. Robert Simmon - 30 October 2009

Of course we reference your blog: you are the only source I can find for English translations of South American government reports!

(You do a great job of gathering info, and we appreciate it).

2. admin - 30 October 2009

Happy to oblige!

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