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A dawn view of Nevado del Huila 27 October 2009

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Nevado del Huila, 27 October 2009 (INGEOMINAS webcam image)

Nevado del Huila volcano in Colombia is continuing to produce a steam plume with varying amounts of ash on a continuous basis. The image above, captured from the Nevado del Huila webcam at 06:31 local time (12:31 GMT) this morning, shows vigorous emissions rising from the volcano and a plume, which looks to contain significant ash, blowing away to the west. The latest Huila ash advisory from Washington VAAC, released at 12:26 GMT, reported the plume extending westwards for 20 nautical miles (~37 km).

The image above is a reduction of the original webcam image, which is a generous 800 x 608 pixels. The full-size detail view below shows the volcano summit. The webcam looks northwards: the main active emission area is around the lava dome, which is on the south face of Pico Central, the volcano’s highest point, although there are also emissions from a crack on the north face of Pico Central. Images from the overflight of 23 October show the summit in more detail.

Nevado del Huila, 27 October 2009 (INGEOMINAS webcam image, detail)

Images from the Nevado del Huila webcam are copyright INGEOMINAS, reproduced here for non-commercial purposes in accordance with the terms of use.

[Thanks to BJDeming who tweeted the news that the Nevado del Huila webcam was clear this morning after days of cloud.]

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INGEOMINAS Popayán – main page for the Observatorio Popayán, which monitors Nevado del Huila

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1. bjdeming - 29 October 2009

Thanks for the credit! Glad to be of assistance–a clear view of Huila is so rare. Thank you, too, for your helpful translation of the INGEOMINAS updates and reports and that and other Latin American volcanoes (and others internationally, of course!).

You probably already have posted this link somewhere–and I apologize for missing it–but it might not hurt to repeat that INGEOMINAS has posted photos from their October 23rd overflight at http://intranet.ingeominas.gov.co/popayan/Fotograf%C3%ADas . These are incredibly beautiful and allow one to better appreciate the significance of the two plumes seen through the webcam when the summit is visible.

2. bjdeming - 29 October 2009

PS: From the pictures, it looks like the glacier up there has been little affected by the eruption so far. Hope it stays that way!

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