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Nevado del Huila update, 22 October 2009 22 October 2009

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The INGEOMINAS Observatorio Popayán, which monitors Nevado del Huila volcano, issued a bulletin yesterday which reported ‘a decrease in the continuous tremor which has been registered since the evening of Friday 16 October’ and ‘a significant increase in long-period (LP) seismicity, possibly associated with the ascent of magmatic material to shallower levels’. The continuous emission of gases and the ‘pulsed output’ of ash from the volcano has been observed through the webcam. The alert level for Nevado del Huila remains at Orange (Naranja), ‘eruption probable within days or weeks’, and INGEOMINAS is warning local communities to be ready for any increase in the volcano’s activity.

Ashfall from the current activity at Nevado del Huila is causing problems in communities around the volcano. The local newspaper for Popayán, El Liberal, reports that ‘people living in the affected municipalities are concerned about the ash and the smells produced by the changes in the volcano’s behaviour’, and one municipality (Jambaló) has requested scientific analysis of its water supplies, which it is feared may have been contaminated by the ash.

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Alerta por probable erupción del volcán nevado del HuilaEl Liberal, 22 October 2009

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