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Latest update on Nevado del Huila 21 October 2009

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Further to yesterday’s reports of activity at Nevado del Huila, the Observatorio Popayán, which monitors the volcano, has issued a new bulletin reporting that ‘continuous tremor has been registered since the evening of Friday 16 October at 19:55 (00:55 17 October UTC). This seismic signal is associated with the continuous emission of ashes and gas at the surface’. Ashfall and sulphur smells were reported yesterday in areas surrounding the volcano. Webcam images showed ‘intense degassing of the system with pulsing emissions at the surface’. Emissions of sulphur dioxide have been high, with 4532 tonnes/day recorded on 17 October. The bulletin concludes that the volcano ‘is in a state of continuous activity, with a predominance of processes associated with fluid dynamics involving the output of ash and gases to the surface’, and warns that this situation ‘has the potential to evolve into higher states of activity’.

The Popayán newspaper El Liberal reports today that ‘Corinto, Caloto, Buenos Aires, Toribío, Piendamó, Belalcázar, Jambaló and Miranda municipalities have been affected by the ash emitted by Nevado del Huila’. Roofs, crops and animals were all covered by ash: ‘Although people are carrying on with their daily lives the ash and smell have caused havoc and discomfort, particularly in the north-west of Páez where there are children with red eyes, coughing and headaches because of the volcano’, says one Belalcázar resident quoted in the report. The Mayor of Páez is appealing for 12000 face masks to be provided for people living in the worst-affected areas.

The alert level for Nevado del Huila remains at the second-highest level of Orange (Naranja), ‘eruption probable within days or weeks’.

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Ya se empiezan a sentir los estragos del Nevado del HuilaEl Liberal, 21 October 2009

Global Volcanism Program: Nevado del Huila – summary information for Nevado del Huila (1501-05=)
INGEOMINAS Popayán – main page for the Observatorio Popayán, which monitors Nevado del Huila

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1. Brian - 21 October 2009

They do have a live webcam, though at the moment it is either too cloudy or too dark to be able to see much.


It is from the main webpage, but it might not be easy to find if you don’t speak spanish (I found it by google).

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