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Soufrière Hills astronaut photograph at the NASA Earth Observatory 17 October 2009

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Ash and Steam Plume, Soufriere Hills Volcano, Montserrat - detail (ISS astronaut photograph, 11 October 2009)

Yet another great picture of the current Soufrière Hills activity at the NASA Earth Observatory. This time it’s an ISS astronaut photograph (detail above) showing the entire island of Montserrat, with Soufrière Hills volcano producing a vigorous plume, captured on 11 October 2009. Visit the Earth Observatory for the full picture:

Ash and steam plume, Soufrière Hills volcano – NASA Earth Observatory (16 October 2009)

[Astronaut photograph ISS021-E-5555 acquired 11 October 2009 by the Expedition 21 crew, International Space Station Program.]

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