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Restless Reventador: increased activity reported 17 October 2009

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Ecuador’s Instituto Geofísico reports that Reventador volcano is showing signs of increased activity. In a special bulletin (PDF) issued on 15 October (PDF) intensified seismic activity was reported, with harmonic tremor signals saturating the seismic network; signals associated with rockfalls were also detected. There were also reports of crater incandescence and rumbling sounds. Thermal anomalies were detected over the volcano by satellite, and increased sulphur dioxide emissions were registered.

A further special bulletin (PDF) issued on 16 October reports that the seismic activity has continued, principally characterized by bands of harmonic tremor interspersed with sporadic long-period (LP) events. During an overflight yesterday scientists observed a lava dome within the crater, a lava flow on the north flank of the volcano and blue-ish gas emissions. The emissions reached up to 100 metres above the crater. Explosions and the ejection of incandescent blocks were reported, and the presence of incandescent material on the south flank of the volcano indicated that a lava flow had recently descended that flank. Thermal imagery revealed that incandescent material around the crater was reaching temperatures of 300°C.

Washington VAAC reported an increase in seismic activity at around 19:00 UTC, and emissions and a hotspot at 20:15 UTC today. An ash cloud was reported moving NW at FL150 (15000 feet/4500 metres).

Advierten del aumento en la actividad del volcán ecuatoriano Reventador – EFE, 17 October 2009

Global Volcanism Program: Reventador – summary information for Reventador (1502-01=)
Instituto Geofísico – Geophysical Institute of Ecuador

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