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The Volcanism Blog on Twitter 16 October 2009

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This was not an easy decision, but I’ve finally decided to start a Twitter account for The Volcanism Blog and begin twitting entwitments. Any advice on how to get the best out of the thing gratefully received: I’m feeling my way with it, to be honest.


The Volcanism Blog



1. Barb - 16 October 2009

Welcome to Twitter! I’m new there, too, and just learned how to reply to somebody’s tweet – hope it gets through. I don’t pay attention to all the social stuff and just do my thing, which is writing rather than science, but I am trying to locate volcano center tweets which is why your joining is wonderful!!!

There’s a lot of earthquake stuff, mostly through the USGS. There may be other volcanism tweets, but these are two I’m aware of and following:

http://twitter.com/alaska_avo (self-evident)

http://twitter.com/SeismicResearch (University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre in Trinidad/Tobago — includes Caribbean volcanoes).

Unfortunately, it’s rather hard to find anything else right now. I’ve got a list going on sci.geo.geology; will add yours, too.

Do you know about TwitPic.com? Sounds awful, but it is a way to share photos on Twitter–I don’t know if AVO uses it for their photos but I’ve used it and like it: http://twitpic.com/

2. Simon - 16 October 2009

John Seach also uses twitter.

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