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Australian volcano threat: spotlight moves to Anakie, near Geelong 2 October 2009

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Professor Bernie Joyce is continuing his campaign to wake Australia up to the potential threat of volcanic activity. From Ballarat he has moved about 50 km south-east – here he is telling the Geelong Independent about the potential for a volcanic outburst around Anakie, Victoria:

Professor Bernie Joyce, who is a Geological Society of Australia member, said a number of ‘young’ volcanoes were situated around the rural community of Anakie on the outskirts of Geelong.

‘These volcanoes are scoria cones, they are young volcanoes, the most common and smallest volcanoes’, he said. ‘The volcanoes at Anakie are about one and a half million years old’.

Prof Joyce said volcano activity at Anakie was possible over the next century … ‘The possibility at Anakie is there might be a new volcano – it could be a scoria with lava flows – or a deeper crater like Mount Gambier and Tower Hill which produces ash. We don’t need to hold our breath but there could be a volcano eruption in the next century’.

As ever, Prof Joyce urges the Australian authorities and emergency services to prepare themselves better to deal with volcanic hazards: ”We can’t say with 100 per cent certainty that a significant volcano will strike tomorrow, next week, or even 100 years down the track – but these geo-hazards are real and they must be given much more focus by emergency management authorities’.

UPDATE: Thanks to Dr Erik Klemetti’s Eruptions blog, I find that Prof Joyce has been even more active than I realized in threatening towns and cities up and down eastern Australia with volcanoes in their back yards, and he’s used that word ‘overdue’ again: ‘A significant volcanic eruption is overdue in Australia and could occur in southeast Queensland near Bundaberg or between Townsville and Cooktown’. Ballarat, Anakie, Bundaberg … is nowhere safe?

Scientist warns of eruptionGeelong Independent, 1 October 2009
Volcanic eruption ‘could occur near Bundaberg’Courier-Mail, 3 October 2009

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1. poetryqueenau - 7 November 2009

If one goes they all go. Like monkey see monkey do, or a chain reaction, if Ballarat or Anakies go up so the rest may follow including Mt Gambier and the others in the Western & Northern Victoria’s volcanic provinces

2. baz - 7 November 2009

‘If one goes they all go’ … what is the evidence for that, exactly?

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