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Redoubt back to Green/Normal 30 September 2009

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The Alaska Volcano Observatory lowered Redoubt’s status to Aviation Colour Code Green and Volcano Alert Code Normal at 18:44 GMT (10:44 AKDT) yesterday, 29 September 2009. According to the Volcanic Activity Notice issued by the AVO …

Over the past several months, seismic activity, volcanic gas output, ground deformation, lava dome temperatures, and outward signs of lava dome instability at Redoubt Volcano have been declining. The volcano appears to have returned to its normal background condition and for now poses no immediate threat of eruptive activity. Accordingly, AVO is lowering the Aviation Color Code to GREEN and the Volcano Alert Code to NORMAL.

The AVO notes that the Redoubt lava dome has reached a volume of approximately 70 million cubic metres, and that lava domes on steep slopes are ‘typically unstable’. However, given that 60 days have passed since the dome ceased to grow, ‘AVO believes the possibility for dome collapse is small and declining toward a background level of danger typical of many active stratovolcanoes with steep unstable rock slopes’. Local hazards remain, associated with the hot lava dome: gas emission, abundant steaming, rockfalls, but these do not pose a significant hazard beyond the summit area of the volcano.

With Redoubt now at Green/Normal, only Shishaldin among the AVO’s charges remains at Yellow/Advisory, because of its sustained but low-level seismic rumblings.

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