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1000 posts at The Volcanism Blog 26 September 2009

Posted by admin in admin, blogs, miscellaneous.

A minor milestone: this is the 1000th post published at The Volcanism Blog since we opened for business on 5 December 2007. Thank you for reading!

The Volcanism Blog



1. Callan Bentley - 26 September 2009

Congratulations! Keep it up — I love the Volcanism Blog!

2. Ron de Haan - 26 September 2009

I wish you and the Volcanism Blog a bright future and many visitors.
Our climate is influenced by three important drivers.

Our sun, our oceans and volcano’s.

It’s really a shame that there are such a small number of blogs on the subject.

Thanks for your excellent contributions.

3. Silver Fox - 26 September 2009

Congratulations! You have an exceptional volcanism blog!

4. Jonathan - 26 September 2009

Please keep it up. One of my favourite blogs.

5. Welsh Chris - 27 September 2009

The Thanks are ours to give. Your blog is an essential, and loved, daily read for so many of us.

6. admin - 28 September 2009

Thank you all very much!

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