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More on climate change and volcanism from ‘Nature’ 18 September 2009

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The possible connection between climate change and increased volcanism has been attracting some attention recently. Now Nature takes a look at the issue in a news article headed ‘Volcanoes stirred by climate change‘: the point being that a reduction in ice cover may be related to more explosive eruptive activity from volcanoes (or, as Nature calls them, ‘these unstable magmatic beasts’).

Volcanoes stirred by climate changeNature, 17 September 2009

The Volcanism Blog


1. chris - 18 September 2009

I think this is more climate alarmism before the Copenhagan meeting than anything else, most volcanoes are at height in Greenland and it has been estimated elswhere that world wide temperature would have to warm by between 20 – 30 degrees C before there would be melting at that height so near the north pole. This is much more than even the worst predictions.
If you go to Wolfram Alpha and put in Greenland Temperature and then select all from the dropdown you will see that Greenland temperatures have been falling for the last ten years.
There is some evidence that the melting of ice in the West Antarctic Ice sheet is caused by Volcanoes erupting under the ice, it is a highly volcanic area, as is the undersea around iceland and Greenland.
The most likely direction of temperature world wide due to volcanism is downwards.

2. Ron de Haan - 18 September 2009

It is hardly possible to qualify “Nature” as a Scientific Magazine.
The BS (Bad Science) and SPIN about climate and climate related subjects like the current publication is without precedent.

Temperatures were much higher during the Medieval Warmth Period
than today. The Norman’s had colonized Greenland which got it’s name because it was green. Trees grew, huge pastures provided food for life stock, the ice had retreated and life was beautiful.

In England, North of London wine was produced that could compete with the best French wines.

During that time from 1000 AC to 1400AC, there were hardly any volcanic eruptions.

The Medieval Warmth Period falsifies the entire Nature Publication.

Our climate system is very stable over the past million years and the onset of big volcanic eruptions like Tambora (1815) and Laki (1783) did not cause any long lasting effects.

Volcanic Eruptions are a wild card and integral part of our weather and climate.

The entire idea that Anthropogenic CO2 emissions could effect volcanic activity is nothing more but spinned propaganda serving a political agenda.

A scientific Magazine should be loyal to scientific integrity, a policy which is no longer upheld by “Nature”

3. Chance Metz - 18 September 2009

That is what appens hen you ix science with polotics. It ruins the scince. It’s all scare tactics to get s to change our ways to eenfit the people who have a plan to creat e the very problem they made up. It’s a scam really.

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