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Black Point Lava Flow, Arizona, at the NASA Earth Observatory 8 September 2009

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Black Point Lava Flow, Arizona (ISS astronaut photograph, 21 August 2009)

NASA Earth Observatory Image of the Day for 7 September 2009 is this astronaut photograph of the Black Point Lava Flow, taken from the International Space Station on 21 August 2009. The flow is part of the San Francisco Volcanic Field, Arizona, which lies between Flagstaff and the Grand Canyon. The flow has created a landscape of such unearthliness that NASA uses it for lunar astronaut training. For the original image and more information:

Black Point Lava Flow, Arizona – NASA Earth Observatory (7 September 2009)

[Astronaut photograph ISS020-E-33530 acquired 21 August 2009 by the Expedition 20 crew, and is provided by the ISS Crew Earth Observations experiment and Image Science & Analysis Laboratory, Johnson Space Center.]

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