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Philippines: restlessness at Kanlaon 4 September 2009

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Kanlaon volcano on Negros island in the Philippines is showing signs of restlessness, reports the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs).

Phivolcs has issued a Volcano Advisory for Kanlaon reporting that between 23 August and 1 September the volcano ‘manifested a remarkable rise in its seismic activity as a total of two hundred fifty seven (257) volcanic earthquakes were detected by the seismic network’, which is a ‘notably higher’ level of seismic activity than the normal level, ‘which generally varies from 0 to 4 events detected in 24 hours during quiet periods’. The epicentres of the earthquakes have been clustered under the north-west flank of the volcano. Phivolcs suggests that this seismic activity ‘may indicate movements of an active local fault at the slope of the volcano which may be induced by pressure beneath the volcano’. There has been no sign of any increase in steam emissions from the summit crater. Kanlaon is currently at Alert Level 0.

The Global Volcanism Program describes Kanlaon, a 2435-metre stratovolcano, as ‘the most active of the central Philippines’. The volcano has erupted nearly thirty times since 1866, typically with small or moderate phreatic explosive activity. Kanlaon’s most recent eruption was a VEI=2 event that lasted from 3 June to 25 July 2006.

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