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Something up at the Global Volcanism Program website? 2 September 2009

Posted by admin in volcanoes.

Something funny is going on at the website of the Smithsonian Institution’s Global Volcanism Program. The volcano images seem to have disappeared from the ‘volcanoes of the world’ section, to be replaced by a little grey box that says ‘A photograph is not available for this volcano’. Worse, the links to the eruptive history pages and to the weekly and monthly reports and photo galleries (where available) for each volcano have gone. Take a look at Etna, which previously had all these features.

I trust that this is a temporary technical problem, or the result of work in progress on the site. I have e-mailed the GVP to ask what’s up, and will post here any answer that is forthcoming.

UPDATE: A very quick response from the GVP (much appreciated, as they must be very busy at the moment). It seems the site has been dismantled in order to address some performance problems and is being put back up piece by piece – hence, temporarily, some bits may be missing. Yesterday, when I was away from the computer, I understand it was down altogether. Here’s hoping everything is straightened out soon.

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