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Recent volcanism and deep time, at Geotripper 30 August 2009

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Geotripper, written by California geology teacher Garry Hayes, is a first-class geology blog that brims over with information, enthusiasm and great imagery.

‘Time almost not beyond imagining: recent volcanism on the Colorado Plateau and deep time’ is the latest in a series of Geotripper posts devoted to the geological history of the Colorado Plateau. The article looks at the eruption 1.15 million years ago that produced the Valles Caldera in New Mexico, and, taking as a starting point the thousand-year-old ruined settlement in the caldera that is now the Bandelier National Monument, reflects on geological and human scales of time:

But 1.15 million years? Even though we have actually covered 2 billion years in this series on the Colorado Plateau, I sometimes find even a million years difficult to comprehend. One million. One thousand thousand. The entire history of Bandelier’s village, from construction to abandonment to tourist destination could be repeated 1,000 times to reach the time when the volcano exploded.

An excellent piece of writing. As ever, thinking about these things leaves one somewhat giddy: but that’s geology for you.

Time almost not beyond imagining: recent volcanism on the Colorado Plateau and deep time – Geotripper, 29 August 2009

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1. Garry Hayes - 31 August 2009

I deeply appreciate the kind mention in the Volcanism Blog. Thanks!

2. admin - 31 August 2009

You’re welcome! It’s a great post, as is your new one:


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