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U.S. stimulus funds for volcano monitoring 17 August 2009

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In the United States, some $15.2 million of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act money is being directed via the United States Geological Survey to improving volcano monitoring. So, all this money is sloshing about: how’s it going to be spent? Here’s how (and where):

Alaska: $7.56 million is going to the Alaska Volcano Observatory to improve monitoring at Redoubt, Augustine and Spurr volcanoes, enhance scientific research and improve public outreach and communication.

California: the Long Valley Volcano Observatory will get $200,000 to enhance monitoring of the Long Valley Caldera.

Hawaii: the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory will be investing $3.3 million in upgrading and renewing Big Island volcano monitoring instruments – improving seismic networks and deformation sensors and installing meteorological and SO2 monitoring equipment.

Northern Marianas: $800,000 is going to be spent in the Northern Mariana Islands on upgrading seismic and SO2 monitoring systems at Anatahan and Sarigan.

Washington: the Cascades Volcano Observatory is to receive $2.4 million to upgrade volcano monitoring systems.

Wyoming: $950,000 will be spent by the Yellowstone Volcano Observatory on upgrading seismic and other monitoring networks within the Yellowstone National Park and developing communication systems and ‘alarming capabilities’.

Recovery funding for Yellowstone and other volcano observatories to improve monitoring and public safety – news release from the U.S. Department of the Interior, 13 August 2009

$800K to monitor CNMI volcanoesPacific Daily News, 15 August 2009
$3.3M stimulus funds to monitor Hawaii volcanoes – KPUA Hawaii News, 16 August 2009
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$15.2M to enhance volcano watch in CNMI, othersSaipan Tribune, 17 August 2009
Wash. to get $2.4 million for Cascades Volcano Observatory – King5.com, 17 August 2009
Northern Marianas may get benefit from spend on volcano monitoring – Radio New Zealand, 17 August 2009

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1. Callan Bentley - 18 August 2009

Why so little for Long Valley (relatively)?

2. admin - 18 August 2009

I wondered about the relatively small sum for Long Valley as well. Perhaps the Long Valley Caldera hasn’t been in the news enough lately?

3. Thomas Donlon - 18 August 2009

Maybe the next major quake on the San Andreas will bring some stimulus to the Long Valley Caldera?

If the very overdue Southern San Andreas fault lasts another couple of decades without rupturing – – I’ll be surprised.

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