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Koryaksky: 4-kilometre eruption plume reported 17 August 2009

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The Russian news agency Itar-Tass is reporting that the Kamchatkan volcano Koryasky is erupting and producing a 4-kilometre-high plume:

Koryaksky volcano … is ejecting columns of vapor, gas and ash to the altitude of about 4,000 meters above sea level. The trail of gas and ash extends over a distance of almost 20 kilometers. Experts from the Kamchakta Volcanic Eruption Response Team told Itar-Tass the eruption does not pose any threat to nearby population centers.

Tokyo VAAC issued an advisory for Koryaksky early today also reporting ash to about 4 km (13000 feet). Current webcam images (around 16:00 GMT) show a small plume and diffuse ash clouds around the peak.

The KVERT updates page at the Alaska Volcano Observatory reports that the volcano is now at Orange alert status (‘explosive eruption is possible within a few days and may occur with little or no warning’).

[UPDATE: there is an archive of Koryaksky webcam images at the University of Alaska – thanks to Stefan of Stromboli.org for pointing this out in the comments below.]

Volcano in Kamchatka ejecting columns of gas, vapor – Itar-Tass, 17 August 2009

Global Volcanism Program: Koryaksky – information about Koryaksky (1000-09=)
KVERT: current volcanic activity – current activity for the Kamchatkan volcanoes (English)
Current activity of Koryaksky volcano – current status of Koryaksky and many images (Russian and English)
Koryaksky volcano webcam (KVERT) – webcam views of Koryaksky

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1. Stefan, stromboli.org - 17 August 2009

There was a bit more activity earlier in the day which can still be seen on the AVO archive: http://webcams.images.alaska.edu/Koryaksky/2009-Sun-Aug-16-23:48:52.png
Link to the full archive: http://webcams.images.alaska.edu/index.php?volcano=Koryaksky

2. Welsh_Chris - 18 August 2009

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