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SI/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report, 5-11 August 2009 14 August 2009

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SI/USGS Weekly Volcanic Activity Report 5-11 August 2009

The Smithsonian Institution/United States Geological Survey Weekly Volcanic Activity Report for 5-11 August 2009 is available on the Global Volcanism Program website. The following is a summary and not a substitute for the full report.

New activity: Ibu (Indonesia), Mayon (Philippines).

Ongoing Activity: Bagana (Papua New Guinea), Batu Tara (Indonesia), Dukono (Indonesia), Kilauea (Hawaii, USA), Rabaul (Papua New Guinea), Sakura-jima (Japan), Shiveluch (Russia), Slamet (Indonesia), Suwanose-jima (Japan).


Ibu (Indonesia). Over the period 15 July to 4 August white and grey plumes rose 300-400 m above the crater rim. Earthquakes became more frequent over 27 July-4 August. On 2 August lava flows were seen and incandescence was observed at the summit following a ‘thunderous sound’. On 3 August incandescent material was thrown up to 20 m above the crater. The Alert Level was increased to 3 on 5 August, and an exclusion zone was imposed within 2 km of the crater.

Mayon (Philippines). On 6 August it was reported that during the previous 24 hours earthquake numbers had decreased but the volume of SO2 emissions had increased sharply. On 4 August SO2 emissions were at a rate of 707 tonnes/day, on 5 August the rate increased to 1,977 tonnes/day.


Bagana (Papua New Guinea). Diffuse ash plumes rose to 3 km a.s.l. and drifted 45-55 km NW and W over 10-11 August.

Batu Tara (Indonesia). Ash plumes rose to 1.5-2.1 km a.s.l. and drifted 35-90 km W, NW and N over 4-7 and 11 August.

Dukono (Indonesia). Ash plumes from Dukono rose to 2.4-3 km a.s.l. and drifted 45-130 km NE over 6-7 and 10 August.

Kilauea (Hawaii, USA). Lava continued to flow SE through the lava tube system to reach the Waikupanaha ocean entry, and active surface flows were detected through thermal anomalies and visual observations. The Halema’uma’u crater vent continued to produce a diffuse white plume drifting mainly SW. SO2 emissions remained elevated: 1,800 tonnes/day on 7 August (2003-2007 average rate was 140 tonnes/day). Incandescence was seen from the vent on 10 August.

Rabaul (Papua New Guinea). Ash plumes from Tavurvur cone rose to 2.1-3 km a.s.l. and drifted 25-185 km in multiple directions during 5-11 August.

Sakura-jima (Japan). During 5-11 August eruptions and explosions produced plumes to altitudes of 1.8-2.7 km a.s.l., and pilots reported ash plumes to altitudes of 1.8-4 km a.s.l. during 7 and 9-10 August. Plumes drifted in multiple directions.

Shiveluch (Russia). Seismic activity from Shiveluch was above background levels 31 July-7 August and a large daily thermal anomaly was detected over the lava dome, steam-and-ash plumes with some ash content were noted, and ash plumes possibly rose to 7.5 km a.s.l. Steam-and-gas plumes with some ash content were also noted. On 2 August ash plumes rose to 4 km a.s.l., and gas-and-steam plumes rose to 3.5 km a.s.l. on 2 and 4 August.

Slamet (Indonesia). An ash plume was reported 90 m above the summit on 8 August.

Suwanose-jima (Japan). An explosion was reported on 10 August.


The foregoing is a summary of the Smithsonian Institution/United States Geological Survey Weekly Volcanic Activity Report covering 5-11 August 2009. It is provided for information only, and is based on but not a substitute for the full report, which comes with its own criteria and disclaimers. The map base is derived from the Smithsonian Institution/USGS/US Naval Research Laboratory This Dynamic Planet website.

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1. Jonathan - 14 August 2009

Why is it that Chaiten is not down as ongoing activity? It’s still very much erupting.

2. admin - 14 August 2009

As I understand it, for the SI/USGS weekly report it isn’t so much what is happening at a volcano as what reports they receive about it. They rely on reports that meet a certain standard of reliability: if for a particular volcano no such reports come in, then the volcano doesn’t make it into the weekly round-up. Nothing from SERNAGEOMIN for Chaiten this week, so nothing in the report. This issue has been raised before and the compiler of the weekly report has responded – see the comments for this post:


3. theroachman - 15 August 2009

I understand why they did leave off Chaiten. But I would think since they did not receive a report saying activity at Chaiten has ended they would have at least left a yellow triangle on the map and left a note saying to the effect of ‘No new reports’.

Seems to be the best way to handle it to me.

PS good to see you back (for lack of a better medaphor) up on your feet and blogging again.

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