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Bad health blogging 26 July 2009

Posted by admin in admin, miscellaneous, personal.

The Volcanism Blog took an unannounced break this week because my health took a turn for the worse on 19 July. Things are better now, but I can’t promise a return to full service for a little while yet. Thanks for your patience and understanding.

In the meantime, here’s something to enjoy from Sticky Comics: lil’ volcano.

Update 10 August 2009: I’m better! Back to blogging this week. Thank you to everyone who has left messages and/or sent e-mails with good wishes. Your kind thoughts have been much appreciated.

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1. Jonathan - 26 July 2009

I hope you get well soon.

Your blog is one of the bright spots on my journey around the World Wide Web.

2. Claudio / Rio de Janeiro - 26 July 2009

this site in my favorites

3. theroachman - 26 July 2009

Get better soon.

4. Welsh Chris - 26 July 2009

Get well soon. And don’t take too long about it – your public NEED you :-)

5. Lara - 27 July 2009

I hope you are up to speed soon and that you are taking good care of yourself. Will say a little prayer to the goddess for you. Love from Texas.

6. Vicki - 27 July 2009

Hey Doc, take care of yourself and come back 100%. Everything I know about volcanoes I learned from you, and as always, it was your site that helped me understand and live through Chaiten!!!! Best wishes from Futaleufu.

7. aldo - 28 July 2009

get well soon!

8. admin - 28 July 2009

Thanks for all the good wishes, everybody!

9. Claudine Mangen-Sales - 28 July 2009

j’aime aussi beaucoup votre site. Bon rétablissement.
get well soon!
C.M-S. from Luxembourg

10. Erik - 30 July 2009

Get well soon … !

11. xiann - 3 August 2009

Thanks for the link to my volcano comic!
I hope you get will soon :)

12. thigiru - 5 August 2009

get well quickly. we are waiting for you!

13. Bob - 7 August 2009

Many of us are starting to have withdrawal symptoms :)

Get well soon…!

14. Erik - 10 August 2009

Glad to see that you’ll be back to blogging soon. I’d have to say, the volcanoes might have taken a break on your behalf this summer!

15. admin - 11 August 2009

Thanks Erik! It has been quiet, hasn’t it? Perhaps the world’s volcanoes heard that you were moving house as well and decided it wasn’t worth the trouble of erupting.

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