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Sarychev Peak SO2 emissions 13 July 2009

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A sulphur dioxide cloud emitted by Sarychev Peak volcano in the central Kurils can be seen on the NOAA Kamchatka map compiled from OMI (Ozone Monitoring Instrument) data early today:

OMI_SO2 Column 5Km by Volcano - Kamchatka, 13 July 2009 0231Z (NOAA, OMI data). Click on image to enlarge.
[Click on the image above to enlarge.]

The SVERT update on Sarychev Peak for 13 July 2009 reports low-level activity with gas emission but no ash explosions: ‘According to satellite images from today, (MODIS 0907130031UTC), (NOAA 17 0907122247 UTC) ash-gas emission is observed at Sarychev volcano. It stretches east 40 km’. The gas cloud visible in the north-west of the Sea of Okhotsk is the residue of that emitted by Sarychev Peak earlier this month (e.g., see the update on 9 July 2009).

[Thanks to Volcanism Blog reader Gijs de Reijke for spotting this SO2 data.]

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1. Mitchel44 - 15 July 2009

Is that scale in Dobson Units X 10?

2. volcanism - 15 July 2009

Yes, Dobson Units X 10. It does say ‘DU*10’ on the left of the scale bar, although it’s rather small.

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