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Llaima: volcano quieter, alert level reduced 11 July 2009

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Figure 1.
Above: Water vapour emanations produced by atmospheric condensation at Llaima’s summit on 7 July, from the lava flow that descended the western flank in the April eruption and hot areas of the upper part of the eastern flank (image: SERNAGEOMIN).

The most recent SERNAGEOMIN bulletin on Llaima (7 July 2009 – click here for PDF) reports a continuing decline in the volcano’s activity since the most recent eruptive period between April and June this year. Steam has been visible around the summit and from areas where lava flows descended the flanks in April (visible in the picture above), caused by atmospheric condensation rather than by volcanic activity. SERNAGEOMIN also reports a decline in seismicity, with the number and energy of long-period earthquakes falling since June.

Figure 2 - click to enlarge.

Above: Graph of seismic energy released between 6 June and 7 July, measured by the LAVE seismic station at Llaima. The high points on the right were produced by windy weather (SERNAGEOMIN).

Given the low levels of activity at Llaima over the last few weeks, SERNAGEOMIN has lowered the alert level from Yellow (Amarillo) to Green Level 2 (Verde Nivel 2), but warns that the danger of a reactivation of eruptive activity remains. A 4 kilometre radius exclusion zone has been imposed around the Llaima’s summit and SERNAGEOMIN are monitoring the volcano on a permanent basis.

The Chilean state emergencies office ONEMI have also issued a bulletin announcing that although the Yellow Alert has been lifted restrictions affecting access to the Conguillio National Park remain in place, and that recreational facilities within the park near Llaima’s summit will remain closed.

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