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Sarychev Peak update, 24 June 2009 24 June 2009

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The eruption at Sarychev Peak in the Kurils appears to be on the wane, with no visible emissions cloud reported in the latest Volcanic Ash Advisory from Tokyo VAAC, issued at 02:52 GMT yesterday, 23 June 2009.

The Sakhalin Volcanic Eruption Response Team reported a steam and gas plume extending 120 km south of the volcano on 20 June, a ‘high’ (1.5 km altitude) steam and gas emission stretching 7 km north-west and an intense thermal anomaly on 21 June, a steam and gas plume extending 29 km north at 1.5 km altitude on 22 June, and a 9-km-long steam and gas plume extending north-west and an intense thermal anomaly on 24 June.

Incidentally SVERT also notes possible ‘increasing of steam-gas activity’ at Severgin volcano in its 22 June bulletin, and a thermal anomaly at the same volcano on 24 June. Severgin was the central cone of a volcano on the island of Kharimkotan in the northern Kurils, which destroyed itself in a VEI=5 eruption in 1933. This, the GVP notes, was ‘one of the largest [eruptions] in the Kuril Islands during historical time’. The island shows evidence of repeated slope-failures and collapses precipitating debris avalanches into the sea. The 1933 collapse of Severgin produced a tsunami that reached Paramushir, ~150 km to the north.

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1. Terry - 27 June 2009

Is there an estimate for the VEI # and total amount of SO2 for this eruption? How does it compare to the large Pinatubo eruption in ’91?


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