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Rinjani eruption continues 24 June 2009

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Caldera of Gunung Rinjani (Lombok, Indonesia) by Nusa Tenggara (Indonesia), 2008. Creative Commons licensed.

Caldera of Gunung Rinjani (Lombok, Indonesia) by Nusa Tenggara (Indonesia), 6 September 2008. Barujari cone can be seen on the far side of the caldera lake, slightly to the left of centre. Detail view below shows the cone more clearly. [Picture taken by Nusa Tenggara and reproduced under the terms of a Creative Commons license. From Flickr: click on the image to go to the source page.]

Caldera of Gunung Rinjani (Lombok, Indonesia) by Nusa Tenggara (Indonesia), 2008, detail showing Barujari cone. Creative Commons licensed.

Mount Rinjani on Lombok Island, Indonesia, is continuing to erupt, as it has been doing pretty much continuously since the current phase of activity began on 2 May. The eruption is located at Barujari cone, which has been the focus for eruptive activity since records began in 1847 and can be seen in Nusa Tenggara’s wonderful picture above.

A bulletin released on 17 June by the Indonesian Directorate of Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation gives copious details of seismicity and eruption plume activity since 7 May, reporting frequent shallow earthquakes and episodes of harmonic tremor, and ‘thick white smoke’ reaching up to 1500 metres above Mount Rinjani’s summit. The bulletin also reports what sounds like impressive strombolian activity, with incandescent material being thrown 200 metres into the air from Barujari’s summit crater and landing up to 500 metres away. There is also a report of a lava flow some 600 metres wide that has extended 100 metres into the lake.

Indonesian volcanologists see no immediate prospect of this eruption coming to an end, according to reports in the local press.

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