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Increase in activity at Anak Krakatau reported 19 June 2009

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‘Mt Anak Krakatau’s eruptions record tremendous increase’ is the headline at Indonesia’s Antara news agency, on a lengthy story reporting a rise in the numbers of earthquakes and ‘small eruptions’ at the volcano, which is in the Sunda Strait between the islands of Sumatra and Java:

At least 828 small eruptions were recorded to have happened on the volcano with 63 volcanic quakes, 434 tremors and 366 times of emission in the past six days, said Anto Prambudi, head of Mt Anak Krakatau Monitoring Post in Pasauran village, Serang district, Banten province, on Wednesday. According to him, in the past five days the volcanic quake of Mt Anak Krakatau showed a rise in its activity. In fact, the frequency of the quake and small eruptions took place in every three minutes interval.

People living near Anak Krakatau, which is constructing itself over the remains of the Krakatau volcano destroyed in the famous eruption of 1883, have been reporting for some time that activity levels have been rising, and on 6 May this year the Indonesian volcanological authorities raised the alert level to the second-highest level of Orange (Siaga), where it remains. The Antara report describes frequent earthquakes, ‘white smoke’ rising to 800 metres above the crater, hazardous gas emissions, and ‘glowing lava like gravel’ with a temperature of 600°C:

Officials at the Anak Krakatau Monitong Post in Pasauran village, Cinangka sub district, Serang district, said the volcano’s activity was on Friday marked by 182 eruptions coupled with 11 volcanic quakes, eight deep volcanic tremors, 54 shallow volcanic shocks, 44 tremors, and it also spewed smoke 29 times. But none of the phenomena posed a direct threat to human life.

There are reports of some local inhabitants leaving the area with their families in alarm at the volcano’s rise in activity. At the moment the authorities have imposed a three-kilometre radius exclusion zone, but no evacuations have been officially ordered.

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Mt Anak Krakatau’s eruptions record tremendous increase – Antara News, 18 June 2009

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1. Thomas Donlon - 20 June 2009

Let’s not forget that this same volcanic system is thought to have made a 7km Caldera that separating Java from Sumatra in about 416 AD.

2. Thomas Donlon - 20 June 2009

I am not sure if this is worth mentioning.

There was a 4.6 earthquake in the Caldera today.

3. Bruce Stout - 20 June 2009

I just wish the information coming from Indonesia were more reliable.. We seem to be on the wrong side of the language barrier on this one. There have been so many similar reports in the last couple of years it is so hard to tell what is up.. and I haven’t been able to get the webcam to work for a long time now.

4. Beano - 21 June 2009

Bruce. Indonesia has the most active volcanos of any country in the world. Unfortunately the budget for the Volcanological dept is spread very thinly. There are many active volcanos in areas of habitation. If any of these other risk volcanos erupted there would be a major human traumas. The Indonesian volcanological institute tends to concentrate on those with the greatest risk to population.
One only needs to look at the tragic consequences of the mud volcano at Sidarjo in java (Lusi) to see the human impact.

5. Johnny - 22 July 2009

Im planning a couple of nights at Krakatau at the end of July but cant seem to find any up to date info on its status, is it still showing signs of activity?


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