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Eruption at Sarychev Peak 14 June 2009

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A quick update on reports of activity at Sarychev Peak, which is a remote volcano in the (Russian) central Kuril Islands. It is a highly active volcano: the most recent eruption, which appears to have been relatively minor, was in January 1989, while the most recent significant eruption appears to be that of September-October 1976. There was a very large VEI=4 explosive eruption in November 1946.

Well, it appears that the volcano is erupting again, and the NASA Earth Observatory has two dramatic satellite pictures acquired on 12 and 13 June 2009 showing a high-altitude plume with considerable ash content. I hope we’ll have more information about this obscure volcano and its current activity later.

[Thanks to Boris Behncke for passing on the news about Sarychev Peak.]

Global Volcanism Program: Sarychev Peak – summary information for Sarychev Peak (0900-24=)

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