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Redoubt stirs as lava dome continues to grow 4 May 2009

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Mount Redoubt had a restless Sunday, showing a marked increase in seismicity which included ‘more frequent rockfalls and small LPs [Long Period earthquakes]’, reports the Alaska Volcano Observatory. This kind of seismic pattern is consistent with the lava dome coming under increased structural strain as it grows – the volcano may be moving towards a dome collapse. The presence of ‘a persistent thermal anomaly’ at the dome indicates that fresh magma is still being introduced, feeding active growth.

The latest AVO bulletin for Sunday (2009-05-03 21:08:50) reported that ‘A vigorous steam plume, rising to altitudes up to 18,000′ [5500 metres] above sea level, has been visible in webcam images throughout the day. Currently, this plume contains small amounts of ash based on web camera views, satelite data, and a pilot report. Seismic activity has also increased in the last 24 hours’.

Recommended viewing: Akira Shirakawa has compiled a neat video showing the growth of Redoubt’s lava dome from 16 April to 1 May, which can be seen at YouTube (HD version also available).

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1. SHIRAKAWA Akira - 4 May 2009

Thanks for mentioning my video!
As for Redoubt, unusually bright incandescence can be spotted at the Hut webcam. Check out this photo for example:

I personally would have liked to see a zoomed view of the lava dome, though…

2. SHIRAKAWA Akira - 4 May 2009

Also, for those wondering, the large amplitude signal on RDN webicorder is electronic noise most probably due to transmission problems.


3. theroachman - 4 May 2009

That incandescence seems to be at the base of the dome.

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