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More rumbles at Galeras 2 May 2009

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The very active Colombian volcano Galeras has had a busy year of it so far, with explosive eruptions on 14 February, 20 February, 13 March and 24 April. A further ‘eruptive event’, smaller in scale than these earlier eruptions, occurred on 29 April.

The INGEOMINAS Pasto volcanological observatory reported on 29 April at 11:00 local time that ‘at 10:15 this morning a seismic signal was recorded that was related to a process of emission that because of climatic conditions was observed only from Nariño and Sandoná [10-15 km north-west of the volcano]. Additionally, this event was accompanied by an accoustic signal’. A later bulletin issued at 14:25 local time on 29 April reported that ‘the eruptive event that occurred at 10:15 today is similar, in terms of total seismic energy, to the eruptions of 11 August 2004 and 12 July 2006, and is much smaller in comparison with the explosive eruptive processes between 17 January 2008 and 24 April 2009, both in seismic energy and in accoustic waves’. Ash from this event fell in areas north-west of, and up to 35 km distant from, the crater.

The alert level for Galeras remains at Orange (Naranja), ‘eruption likely within days or weeks’.

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